How to use LED display controller?

How to use LED display controller?

How to use LED display controller?
The LED display controller is a key component of the LED graphic display. It is mainly responsible for receiving the screen display information from the computer serial port and placing it into the frame memory. The controller generates the serial display data and scan control timing required for the LED display according to the partition driving method. In daily use, users may encounter some problems. Here are some FAQs about LED display controllers:

What is an LED display controller?
LED display controller, also known as LED asynchronous control system or LED display control card, is the core component of LED graphic and text display. It receives the screen display information from the computer's serial port, manages the frame memory, and generates the serial display data and scan control timing required for the LED display.

How does the embedded real-time + offline two-in-one controller work?
The embedded real-time + offline display screen is mainly composed of four parts: DVI sending controller or 1000M network card, CPU, memory (SD card), and display scanning driver. After the system is initialized, the CPU obtains the display content edited by the user from the memory and sends it to the LED display to restore the user's content. In real-time mode, when the CPU detects that real-time information is being sent, it automatically switches the data channel and turns the display into real-time display.

Audio processing problem with embedded real-time + offline two-in-one controller?
In the offline state, the controller has an audio processor and can play audio offline. In real-time state, the audio is collected in real time through the DVI sending controller (or 1000M network card), sent to the controller through the network, and played through the audio playback chip. Therefore, the controller's audio can be switched in real time and offline.

What occasions is the real-time + offline two-in-one controller suitable for?
The real-time + offline two-in-one controller is suitable for many occasions, allowing the display to be used without turning on the computer. This kind of controller completely gets rid of the concept of asynchronous synchronization and is a revolution in display application. But it is not suitable for TV stations and large display screens.

Can the controller realize group screen control?
The control card has an Ethernet interface and can be easily networked. Through computers in the LAN, users can control networked display screens, which is suitable for group screen networking to publish information.
How to use LED display controller?

Can the controller play animations and videos offline?
Yes, the controller can directly receive files in various video formats without cutting them into bitmaps. Supports MPEG4, AVI, FLV, BMP and other formats. The software will automatically process it to fit the size of the display and send it to the control card for playback.

Does LED display screen need gray scale to display pictures?
For LED full-color screens, full-color images can be truly restored, but only patterns can be displayed on a single-color LED screen. The pictures displayed on a two-color screen are more like black-and-white photos and require grayscale levels. Grayscale refers to the indicator of LED's ability to express images. Without grayscale, it can only display text and patterns.
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