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A35 is a new generation of cloud network player, supporting the Carlite cloud platform, supporting 4G, WIFI, wired network and other networking methods, rapid deployment to achieve intelligent cloud management functions, multi-screen, multi-service, cross-regional unified management. It has significant advantages in indoor and outdoor fixed installation and centralized management, publishing, monitoring and other fields, and can be widely used in a variety of commercial display areas, such as light poles, door screen, advertising machines, mirror screen, car screen.  

  • Support maximum 350,000 pixel load capacity, maximum 2048 pixels, maximum 1200 pixels.
  • Support for cloud hierarchy management and multi-role program publishing
  • Supports cloud monitoring alarms and automatic linkage
  • Powerful processing performance, supports H.265 4K HD video hard decoding and playback.
  • 8GB capacity
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Support U disk plug and play, U disk update playlist.
  • Support multi-screen sync playback
  • Supports timing commands.
  • Windows and materials
  • Support multiple program pages, up to 32 program pages
  • Support for rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, text, clocks, etc., support for video, picture zooming
  • Support multi-window playback and stacking, and freely set the window size and position.
  • Simultaneous playback of up to 2 HD windows or up to 1 4K video playback window
  • Total Control Solutions
  • Support multiple control platform control, LED wizard, mobile phone, tablet APP control.
  • Manage a wide variety of applications for different applications
  • network communications
  • WiFi dual-band dual-mode, supporting WiFi 2.4G and SG bands, WiFi hotspot mode or WiFi client mode1
  • LAN, supports DHCP mode and static mode
  • 4G communication, supporting 4G networks in various countries (optional)
  • GPS positioning (optional)

Hardware Performance: 4K HD Hard Decode Playback
Program storage: 8GB (4GB available for programs)
Running Memory: 1GB
Maximum payload area: Maximum payload 350,000 dots, maximum 2048 pixels, maximum 1200 pixels
Built-in system: Android OS 9.0 (Android Pie)
Support receiver cards: Colorlight series receiver cards are supported.
Dimensions:108×128×26mm (4.25×5.04×1.02 inch)
Package size:370×320×52mm (14.57×12.60×2.05 inch)
Working voltage:DC5V-12V
Adapter voltage input:AC 100~240V 5OHz
Maximum power:15W
Weight:0.33kg (11.64 oz)
Operating temperature:-40℃~80℃ (-40°F--176°F)
Ambient humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing

System software

PC client
PlayerMaster: Local display management, program editing and publishing. Cloud display management, program editing and publishing.
LEDVISON : LED configuration tool, mainly used for display configuration, and adjust the display to the best state.

Colorlight Cloud: Web-based display information publishing and management system that enables cluster management and display management via browser login.Information dissemination and monitoring.

Mobile Client
LED Wizard: Support Android and iOS platform, can easily achieve the wireless control of the playback terminal.