LED digital banner screen

LED digital banner screen
Recently we just installed some LED digital banner screens in Thailand. The pixel pitch is P2.5, display size: 480mm(w) * 1760mm(h), and resolution is up to 192(w) x 704(h) dots which is good enough for any kinds of graphics or pictures. Meanwhile, the screen has amazing white balance, so the visual effect looks stunning. The banner screen is also very light weight, only 28kgs. And it is very thin as well, only 89mm. See the below images.

LED digital banner screen

Now many retail stores started to use LED digital banner screen instead of LCD digital banner screen. Comparing with LCD digital banner screen, LED digital banner screen has following features:

1)Flexible screen size. LED digital banner screen could be made in any different sizes. Basically you could choose any size to fit your store.

2) More durable. As the screen is placed in the retail store, it gets high chance to be hit. Unlike LCD displays, LED digital screen is more durable. The screen will not be broken into pieces even if the screen falls off. Meanwhile, the LED screen lasts longer than LCD screen. A good LED screen could be working properly for more than 5 or 6 years.

3) Easier maintenance. For LCD display, when the screen breaks, normally the whole panel needs to be replaced. But for LED display, we could fix the screen by replacing the single LED, module, or some other components. So the maintenance is much easier. What's more, the maintenance cost is much lower as well.

4)Better visual effect. The LED screen is used different visualization technology than LCD screen. The color is richer, and the white balance is better also. So if the resolution of the LED screen is higher enough, it looks better than LCD screen.

LED digital banner screen

5) More powerful control system. LED screen has more powerful control system. We could use computer via WIFI or CAT5 cable to control it. We also could use cloud technology to control it. Meanwhile, you could edit the display content very fast.

6) More powerful application. For LED digital banner screen, we could have indoor type and outdoor type. LCD digital banner screen also has indoor type and outdoor. But the outdoor type of LCD screen is very dim, which does not look good during the day. So not many people would choose LCD screen for outdoor. LED digital screen is different, it has very high brightness up to 6000nits which is bright enough for direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the LED digital screen could also be armed with brightness sensor. So its brightness could be dropped at night, which is to save the power and reduce the light pollution.
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