Xixun S Series LED Display Controller S20 S20 Pro LED Sending Card

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by Xixun
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S2 Pro is the synchronous Sending card of Xixun, with 1 DVI input, 2 network ports output, and 1.3 million points band load.

S2 Pro Sending Card

  • 1. One DVI video input;
  • 2. Dual Ethernet output;
  • 3. USB interface, can cascade multiple sending cards on the same PC to control;
  • 4. Multiple resolutions supported: 640×480、800×600、1024×768、1280×1024、1280×720、1280×800、1366×768、1600×1200、1920×1080、2048×1152、2560×960, also support resolution readback function;
  • 5. A single sending card can carry 1.3 million pixels, a single network port can carry 650,000 pixels, and the image position can be set arbitrarily;
  • 6. Support three ways of taking electricity;
  • 7. Support chroma restoration function;
  • 8. With DVI dual backup function;
  • 9. One 3.5mm headphone jack audio input. 

S2 Sending Card

  • DVI input
  • Two gigabit network output
  • USB port for LED screen, cascading multiple sending cards

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