Novastar Phobos Series MCTRL4K R5 LED Sending Box LED Display Controller

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MCTRL4K /R5 utilizes HDR10-Optima&HLG to realize high dynamic range display. When paired with A8s/A10s Plus, the MCTRL4K /R5 can dramatically improve image quality through the optimization of every pixel.
4K×2K Resolution | DP / DVI / Dual DVI | HDR10-Optima / HLG
  • Supports HDR function, both in HDR10 and HLG standards, which can greatly enhance the image quality of the display, presenting more clear and vivid
  • Supports individual Gamma adjustment for RGB when the bit depth of input source is 10-bit or 12-bit, which effectively controls image non-uniformity under low grayscale and white balance offset to improve image
  • Low latency: Less than 1 ms (when the start position of image is )
  • Supports 3D function when working with the 3D emitter EMT200 and 3D glasses, allowing you to experience 3D display
  • In multi-card mode, the MCTRL4K can be used as two controllers, allowing the images of two input sources to be displayed on the screen at the same
The MCTRL4K /R5 is stable, reliable and powerful, dedicated to providing a best visual experience. It can be mainly used for the fixed and rental applications, such as concerts, live events, security monitoring, Olympic Games and various sports centers.

LED Video Controller Appearance
Novastar Phobos Series MCTRL4K/R5 LED Sending Box LED Display Controller

LED Video Controller Working Diagram
Novastar Phobos Series MCTRL4K/R5 LED Sending Box LED Display Controller



Free Rotation
LED panel rotates in any area at any angle, providing infinite possibility for creative display.

Super-long loading capacity
The loading capacity of a single set can reach up to 4K×1K@60Hz.

Long-distance optical transmission
The distance of optical transmission can reach about 10 kilometers, presenting more stable images.

Input Interface
HDMI 1.4, Dual DVI, 6G SDI



Ultra Large Capacity

Resolution: 4K×2K@60Hz

Maximum width up to 8K

Multiple Outputs

Neutrik EtherCON×16

OPT Ports×4

Webpage Control

Wireless remote control

Multiple Video Inputs

DP1.2×1,HDMI 2.0×1,Dual DVI×2

Receiving Card of Armor Series

(Need extra purchase)link:LED Receiving Card

Highly improving the image quality on the display
High-end mini receiving card of NovaStar Armor series, featuring a small size and full-function, supports 18bit+ and ClearView, the latest LED display image processing technologies from NovaStar. Highly improving the image quality on the display, creating an eye-pleasing presentation, and therefore more valuable. 

The latest LED display image processing technology from NovaStar. Effectively improve gray-scale performance under low brightness, showing more exquisite and more expressive images.

By adjusting the texture, size and contrast of images in different areas to further enhance the image details.

Smart Gamma Correction
Gamma correction is automatically applied according to the display brightness, achieving a better gray-scale performance and providing clearer pictures.


Simplicity meets functionality.
Compatible with standard and PHOBOS series, now available in MAC.

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