Mini ultraviolet disinfection machine small multifunctional disinfection box portable disinfection cabinet

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Ultraviolet cell phone disinfection box electronic disinfector multifunctional cell phone UV sterilization box

Ultraviolet sterilization machines can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria by sterilizing sterilized items at 360°. Press the clean switch so that the light stays green to start disinfecting; after 5 minutes of operation the cleaning is finished and the machine will automatically stop.
Multifunctional disinfection box
Real technology: UV LED lamp beads (non-UV glass tubes) with high disinfection capacity. Bead protection, cavity design to prevent loss of small objects.

Comes with universal USB cable, can be mobile power, USB plug. A wireless charging version is also available.
Smartly controlled doses of UV exposure protect you and your family from invisible and harmful organisms while remaining safe .
Multifunctional disinfection box
Use powerful UV disinfection technology to make it an excellent screen cleaner for mobile phones.
Suitable for smartphones up to 6.5 inches.
  • UVC-LED disinfection
  • Voice broadcast/wireless fast charging
  • 360° sterilization
  • Aromatherapy function
  • ABS material
  • CE/FCC/BSCI certification
  • Quality Assurance

Multifunctional disinfection box

Multifunctional disinfection box
Model: UV-LED-001/UV-LED-002 Wireless Charging
Size: 225*123*48mm
Material: ABS
Weight: 324g
Input voltage: DC 5V Input current: 5V/2A
Disinfection power: 2W
Disinfection method: UV-C LED

*:: Do not use ultraviolet light on eyes or skin.Keep children away.