Magnimage YC400 YC200 MIG-M4K M3K LED Display Screen Multimedia Video Server

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MIG-M4K Multimedia Video Server

MIG-M4K is a high performance media server by using server-level CPU, main board, memory, power supply and other high-end hardware, with strong, stable and flexible expansion characteristics. It can reach 4 channels of 4K×2K@60Hz lossless video smooth playback and ensure the stable working condition of 7x24 hours.
Bult-in Video Server Series Software, which support ulimited layer, unlimited scenes, scenes switch pre monitoring, scene loop mode, layer special-shaped effects etc.,easy to decode and play the big resolution video and to manage multi videos. The strong working ability of MlG-M4K will bring great efficiency improvement for the people in the industry.
  • 4 channels of 4K×2K@60Hz mosaic output
  • Virtual screen
  • HAPQcode
  • Output port virtual zoom function
  • Continuous scenes loop playback
  • Automatic software update
  • Drag files and folders in signals list
  • Communication protocol
  • Change playback time In batch
  • Scene random switch
  • OSD Subtitle scrolling and background customization
  • MIDI keyboard and PC keyboard operation can be externally controlled
  • Lile version master and standby machine back-up function
  • Artnet protocol control
  • OSC protocol control
  • Downward compatibility of software engineering documents, Support v2.0.0.8 and above
  • Playing HDRvideo
  • Capture card function
  • PPT turn-page function, support Cue light flipper
  • PPT compatible with WPS and MS Office
  • Support NDI aquisition box
  • Fast drop out
  • Left and right channels, stereo channels
  • Material custom duration (except video)
  • Custom configuration master layer
  • Layer properties polygon affect
  • Custom Watermark layer
  • Main KV switch
  • Windows version support Spout input/output
  • Instant lockdown software
  • Scene replication
  • Layer arbitrarily marshalling
  • On/Off system restore and custom restore point
  • Custom scene layer template
  • 3D video mosaic output

MIG-M3K:Support 3 channels DP mosaic output
12K×2K(11520px*2160px) pixel to pixel mosaic in range
Magnimage MIG-M3K LED Display Screen Multimedia Video Server

MIG-C2000:DP*3 splicing output, pixel-to-pixel splicing within 12K x 2K(11520px*2160px)
MIG-C2000 series is a lightweight and powerful multimedia server from Magnimage. It is equipped with a built-in Dalijin G4 or CREATOR R6 broadcast control software, which can realize multi-layer input, unlimited scenes, scene switch preview, custom scene loop mode, multi-layer playback preview and various special effects, etc. It can meet the needs of small and medium-sized rental companies in the market. Broadcast control needs for events and LED screen projects.Magnimage MIG-C2000 LED Display Screen Multimedia Video Server
Magnimage MIG-M4K Video Server
Functions and features:
  • Server-level CPU,High-end hardware,Excellent performanceMagnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
  • Supports 4-channel DP splicing output for easy point-to-point splicing in the 16Kx2K/8Kx4K range Magnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
  • Humanized Design, Convenient Operation
    Video Server Series Software has user-friendly design of convenient operation interface, users can quickly get familiar with every function,
    it can automatically list all video output ports of the running host machine, support console control and free-form decoding.Magnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
  • Rich video source and capture card functions
    Compatible with all current playback material formats, including video, audio, picture, PPT, OSD, NDI and network video source material. Support the simultaneous acquisition of multiple camera signals, PPT page turning function,to meet the diversified broadcast control needs.Magnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
  • Fast editing, Powerful function
    Using picture editing and layer mode operation, fast and accurate editing, preview and positioning of various video sources,it supports color adjustment, image setting, special-shaped editing,angle selection and other functional settings of the video screen.Magnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
  • Real time preview function
    It supports the real-time preview function for video playing, which helps you preview the video picture quickly and accurately. Magnimage MIG-M4K LED Display Screen Video Server
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