Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor(Call for Price)

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The MIG-DN9404 series is a complete 4K input/output video splicer, which is the central core processing device in the large-screen splicing system. A variety of input sources in different formats can be implemented, and functions such as arbitrary splicing, zooming, windowing, roaming and overlaying can be implemented on a variety of display terminals. High-speed and large-capacity FPGA-based hardware architecture and high-speed digital bus matrix is adopted to ensure high signal reproducibility, and the output image is clear, smooth and without delay.
Deep modular design, input/output configuration upon request, currently supports 4U and 8U chassis options, MIG-DN9404 series is widely used in various industries, such as government, transportation, water and electricity, health care, education, radio and television, shopping malls and other industries Multimedia conference room, multi-function room, command and dispatch center, monitoring center, theater, studio, exhibition hall,etc.

Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K video splicer Features:

4K Video Wall Controller MIG-DN9404 Series
  • Full 4K Input/Output
    Input:DP1.2×4、HDMI2.0×4、HDMI1.3×4、12G SDI×4、HDMI2.0+12G SDI 2+2、DVI-D×4
    Output:HDMI2.0×4、 HDMI2.0×2、RJ45+OPT 16+2、OPT×4、HDMI+RJ45 1+3+1Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • 4K@60Hz RGB 4:4:4
    Input, output and internal processing are all RGB 4:4:4 sampling, which can accurately restore the signal source image details.The image display is clear and delicate. At the same time, there is no frame reducing or losing for the whole channel processing of the controller , so the video is played more smoothly, and the image details are fully displayed.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • HDR10/HLG
    Support HDR high dynamic range imaging, can keep the highlight part and low gray details in the picture,with a wider color gamut, higher contrast, show more image details and restore the real visual effect of human eyes.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • Powerful Splicing Function
    A single DN9400 can support up to 6-channels 4K / 60Hz splicing output,splicing synchronization,and without any tearing.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • Super Layers
    One output supports four 4K layers and one background,arbitrary layout layer size , position, and the layers support colorful bezel effect.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • Customized Input/Output Resolution
    Support the resolution size and frame rate customization in the range of 4K* 2K / 60Hz or 8K* 1K / 60Hz ,meet the pixel to pixel and frame rate display requirements of variety size of LED screen. The function is more practical.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • Monitoring the Output
    The monitoring output is connected to the monitor, synchronous display with the LED screen,to ensure that the LED screen display is correct when the staff can not see the LED screen directly.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor
  • Captions
    Users can edit the custom text content directly, including font size, color, and scroll speed.Magnimage MIG-DN9404 4K LED Video Wall Splicer LED Video Processor


Port Quantity Resolution Spec



3840×2160/60Hz、7680×1080/60Hz and  customized resolution



3840×2160/60Hz and user-defined resolutions


1920×1080/60Hz and user-defined resolutions; 
 when using No.1 input (another 3 inputs are not available), input 1 supports HDMI 2.0 
12G SDI 4 Downward compatibility, support de-interlacing
HDMI2.0&12G SDI  2&2 HDMI2.0,12G SDI
DVI-D  1920×1080/60Hz and user-defined resolutions


Types Port Quantity Resolution Spec





Network &Optical Port RJ45+OPT  16+2 16-ways gigabit network port, single with 0.65 million pixels, support free connection ; 
2-ways 10G optical port, can copy or backup the data of 1-16 network port.
Optical Port OPT 4 4-ways 10G optical ports, support 4 independent output, 1 optical port corresponding to 8 network port data, 
support replication or backup between optical ports
Monitoring&Preview HDMI&RJ45 1&3&1 1* monitoring interface, fixed to 1920×1080/60Hz
3*AUX, similar to the above HDMI 2.0 specification, support customization
1*RJ 45 preview for visualization control in the upper computer software


Input Slots 4
Output Slots 3
Electrical Parameters 110-240V/50/60HZ
Operating Conditions  0~45℃
Net Weight (chassis) (KG) 
16.9KG/ 482.6*470.5*177 mm