Magnimage MIG-EC90 4K Seamless Switcher Led Video Processor Console

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MIG-690(EC90) Series 4K Seamless Switcher

In the ISLE 2020 International Large Screen Display Technology Exhibition and International Audio/Video Intelligence Integration Exhibition, MIG-690 integrated video switcher won the "LED Display Excellent Product Award".
MIG-690 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
Functions and features:

Magnimage MIG-690 4K Seamless Switcher

  • Full 4K input/output
Input: 4-channel DP1.2, 2-channel HDMI2.0 (both support 4×2K/60 or 8K×1K/60Hz input), 2-channel 12G SDI
Output: 2-way spliced main output; supports 8K×2K/60Hz pixel range
2-channel 4K/60Hz auxiliary output; support splicing, independent display
1 channel 2K multi-window pre-monitoring output: PVW, PGM, input signal all pre-monitoring
(This machine comes with a flip-up LCD for multi-window pre-monitoring)
  • multilayer
Main output full-screen 6 layers roaming at will, support 6 to 6 layers fade-in and fade-out switch.
Support for layer effects: layer color border, shadow, mirroring
Auxiliary output single port 1 layer, support for auxiliary output splicing, support and main output splicing synchronization, no tearing
Quick preset call: primary/secondary presets are called independently or synchronously for switchingMIG-690 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
  • More Features
Customized multi-window premonitoring layout: support for resizing, scaling, input renaming, etc.
Snapshot background image capture: 5 BKGs
Customized input/output resolution
Virtual output settings: point to point windowing, no need to calculate the ratio, more convenient to use
Layer cropping, ZOOM, input image capture
Color management: support brightness level, color temperature and other adjustments
Keying: easy to overlay subtitles
Menu touch screen, knob operation
Support UDP control, call presets, switch operations.
Genlock input/output
T-Bar switching

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