Magnimage MIG-EC80 4K Seamless Switcher Led Video Processor Console

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MIG-EC80 Series 4K Seamless Switcher 

The MIG-EC80 series is a new 4K video seamless switcher from Maipu Vision. It is a single-machine integrated design with video processing and switching multi-purpose functions.4K/60Hz 4:4:4 image processing technology, built-in 4K seamless switching matrix, powerful, easy to use, cost-effective,It is one of the video processing equipments that are indispensable for current rental activities.
MIG-680 Series 4K Seamless SwitcherMIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher

Functions and features:

Magnimage MIG-EC80 4K Seamless Switcher

  • Multi-purpose machine with 4K video processing and switching function
  •  Full 4K output and input
MIG-EC80 series supports 1 main output and 4 auxiliary outputs. The main output and auxiliary output fully support 4Kx2K@60Hz output, and 1 multi-preview output.
Supports up to 12 channels of 4Kx2K@60Hz input;
MIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
  • Support multi-layer seamless switchingMIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
  • Support layer shadow bay window effectMIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
  • Support window cloning functionMIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
  • Support Windows and Mac PC management
  • Multiple control methodsMIG-680 Series 4K Seamless Switcher
Touch screen control, T-BAR switching, keyboard control

It also has the following features:
Support for custom input & output resolution
Support for saving 20 user presets
Layer and Logo support chroma key function
Support for Logo capture and recall, 3 logos can be saved in a single machine
USB port support software upgrade

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