Magnimage LED-W4000 Series 8K*2K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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LED-W4000 series is an 8Kx2K video processor which integrates multiple functions such as mosaic,switch and multi-window display.This processor integrates various professional input ports, single input support maximum 4Kx2K/60Hz or 8Kx 1K/60Hz. Because of the high-quality images, pixel to pixel display of giant resolution and flexible operation ways,it's widely used in exhibitions,business conferences,stage performances,theaters and TV stations etc.
The load capability of LED-W4000 series is several times of normal video processor, support EDID management and customized output resolution, single processor output can be maximum 8192 pixel width, refresh rate up to 120Hz, greatly improved the utilization of load capability. It also provides various regular output resolution options for scaling according to real size of LED screen.
Perfect video input ports, including SDlx1, DVlx4, HDMlx3, DPx4, and it also allows you to extend 2 more DP1.2/HDMl2.0 inputs. It supports Internet, USB and RS232 control to link with various video equipment.

Functions and features:

LED-W4000 Video Processor

LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor① Touch screen      ② Operation button      ③ Layer select button
④ Input Selecting    ⑤ Function shortcut     ⑥ TAKE button

LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor① 2nd group of outputs     ② 1st group of outputs     ③ 2 extend ports
④ Internet control port       ⑤ USB upgrade port       ⑥ RS232 control port
⑦ Genlock input/output     ⑧ 12 ports standard inputs

*Standard input: 12 ports, divided into 4 groups, each group includes 3 inputs, using one out of three, total inputs are SDI×1, HDMI×3, DVI×4, DP×4.
Resolution specification: SDI (3G SDI: 1080P/I and below) , HDMI, DVI and DP, all support EDID within 4K×1K/60Hz.
Extend inputs: support 2 groups of 4K module at the same time, each module includes DP1.2×1, HDMI 2.0×1 (include 1 loop). In one module, the input ports can use one out of two.
Output: 12 ports divided into 2 groups, each group includes 4×DVI (A B copy for backup, 1A=1B, 2A=2B ) and 2×HDMI(A B copy for backup); either DVI or HDMI ports are available for use.
  • 8K x 2K Input/Output Pixel To Pixel
Under HDMI output mode, single output support 4K x 2K@60Hz resolution, can customize the resolution in this range.
Total 2 x HDMI output, single machine support 8K x 2K@60Hz.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor
  • Switcher Function Introduction
HDMI 1 is program output; HDMI 2 is preview, support fade switch among 3 images and 3 images. Under switcher mode, it only supports HDMI output.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor
  • Backup Function
Support input backup function; automatically and manually switch between main signal and backup signal.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor
  • Multi-machine Cascade Switch
Do Synchronous switch operation of multiple LED-W4000 which is in same local area network.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor
  • HDR Function
Expand the brightness range of display, show more details of light and dark parts.
Bring richer color and more vivid and nature detail for the picture, make the picture more close to what human eyes can see.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor
  • Input Tile Function
Make multiple input sources (same resolution, maximum 4 ports) combine to one integral whole in input side of processor, make it as one combination source.
Simplify the setting steps and optimized operation, no need to consider the equal/unequal situation.
Tile function is supported under mosaic, switch and backup mode.
Support 2 groups of Tile setting, can quickly adjust the combination source through Tile button of front panel.LED-W4000 Series 8Kx2K LED Video Processor

Input power supply 100-204V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 90W
Operating temperature 0~45°C
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 482.6×446.3×92.5mm
Net Weight 6.7kg

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