Magnimage Cloud Player Series LED Display Controller YC100 YC200 YC400 LED Multimedia Player

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YC100/YC200/YC400 LED Multimedia Player

LED-YC100/200/400 product is a cloud networking player launched by MapleVision, which supports synchronous, asynchronous and 4G, WiFi, wired network and other networking methods to access Magnimage Cloud platform, and can be used for program release and screen control through various user terminals such as PC, cell phone MapleCloud WeChat app, etc. It can be quickly deployed to realize intelligent cloud management functions, multi-screen, multi-service and cross-regional unified management. It can be widely used in light pole screen, It can be widely used in various commercial display fields such as light pole screen, door head screen, advertising machine, mirror screen, etc..

1. powerful processor performance, support H.265 4K30hz HD video decoding playback
2. Support 4G/WIFI/wired networking
3. support GPS positioning
4. multiple playback modes, support U disk plug and play
5. support rich media materials, such as pictures, video text, clocks, etc., support video, picture zoom.
Support video, picture zoom. 6.
6. support multi-window playback and overlay, free to set the window size and position
7. support output custom resolution
8. support synchronous/asynchronous playback
9. Support multi-screen cluster synchronous playback
10. Support Le broadcast screen casting
11. Support temperature and humidity / smoke / brightness sensor
12. Support user rights management
13. Support program timing switch

Model:YC100 | YC200|YC400
Output:HDMI*1, audio*1, Gigabit network*1
Bandwidth 650,000 | 1.3 million | 2.3 million
Maximum width/maximum:3840/3840
Processing power:4 cores
Asynchronous switching:√
Wireless Screen Casting√
Accessories (optional)
Name:4G+GPS module