Kystar U4L Multi-Image Splicing Processor LED Video Processor

$1,900.00 USD
by Kystar
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Kystar U4L LED Video Processor

The multi-image splicing processor is a high-end video processing equipment
developed and manufactured by our company for LED large screen display,
performance and leasing, conference room, studio and so on.
The product adopts CPT+ FST splicing technology targeted for small pixel LED
display to guarantee uniformity and synchronization of splicing. The Super Resolution
Zoom-in Technology can help eliminate jaggies and reduce the fuzzy sense and
out-of-focus phenomenon due to image magnification.

● Output pixels up to 15360 horizontally or 6144 vertically
● Display six windows of images on a single screen simultaneously or control six different LED screens
● Support HDMI , DVI , VGA , SDI , CVBS , IP inputs
● Four windows preview and output monitoring
● Ethernet monitoring and control in real time
● Editable text and image overlay
● Window or mode transition effects including dissolves, wipes, and cuts
● Brightness control of each input
● Transparency adjusting and edge feathering
● Hot backup of input signals

U4L LED Video Processor the difference:
U4L Pro:Single machine 10.4 million pixel custom output
U4:Single machine   6.3 million pixel custom output