Colorlight LED Display Accessories SSR-TEMP Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Colorlight Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SSR-TEMP is a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor with good-looking and small appearance, it is designed with standard guide rail structure and it has easy wire connection and simple installation. SSR-TEMP adopts imported high-precision probe and ensures excellent measurement performance; it has high stability and anti-interference ability, it also has strong barrier property with first-class lightning protection. Multiple modules can be connected to the bus network via RS485 interface to monitor multiple environmental conditions in real time.

·RS485 interface, communication distance up to 1200 meter;
·Imported probe, high precision, wide range, good consistency;
·Designed with standard guide rail structure, easy installation;
·High stability and anti-interference ability;
·Input voltage: DC5~12V;
·MODBUS RTU standard communication protocol;
·Strong barrier property, first-class lightning protection.
Rated voltage DC5V-12V
Measuring range Temperature:-40℃~120℃                 Humidity:0~100%rh
Measuring accuracy Temperature: ±0.3℃ Resolution: 0.1℃                 Humidity:±3%rh Resolution: 0.1rh
Output interface RS485
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU
Communication address 1-247
Baud rate 1200 bit/s,2400 bit/s, 4800 bit/s, 9600 bit/s, 19200 bit/s
Average power consumption <0.1W
Wire length 5 meter (standard)
Installation Guide rail mounting, walls mounting indoors, ceilings mounting