Beetek fiber head protective cover outdoor LED Display field optical fiber protective cover

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Designed and developed for LED large screen rental customers and other surrounding customers, the optical fiber protection head was originally non-removable, and the customer was not very convenient to use. Now it is newly developed and designed to be removable for customers to install. Protective cover, network cable protection head, optical cable protective shell, effectively protect all kinds of optical fiber, optical cable, cable and other connectors such as optical fiber connectors, network cable connectors, HDMI connectors, etc. Network construction and other fields.  

1. The shell part is made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable and light weight;
2. The sealing cover is made of soft rubber, which has good sealing performance and convenient opening and closing;
3. The sealing cover is connected to the stainless steel wire rope, which is convenient to use, anti-lost and beautiful;
4. The bottom adopts a split structure for easy installation.