XiXun E60B Multimedia Player LED Display Controller For Car Rear Window Advertising Display

$249.00 USD
by XiXun
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Xixun Sysolution E60B-DC 4G & Wifi Internet LED Display Controller Card System:

Support for FCC, CE certification.
On-board WiFi module for wireless communication; supports AP mode and Station mode.
Video hard decoding, supporting 1080p.
Support for secondary development and remote cluster control on cloud platforms.
Built-in Web Server, support for local web page production, support for computer, iphone, android mobile phone, tablet stand-alone program editor, cross-platform system compatibility
Supports full-color static to 32-sweep modules.
Conventional chips with high refresh, high brightness, and high grayscale; full chip support: full series of driver ICs from Jujik, Jichuang Beifang, Risun, and Ming Yang are supported.
Industrial-grade onboard Flash: 8GB; highly integrated.
Support USB camera

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