RGBlink 1 Series LED Video Processor GX4pro LED Display Controller

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RGBLink GX4PRO LED Video Processor

GX4pro is an video processor which supports DVI output resolution at 2048x1152@60 and offers multiple test pattern output resolution options. Beside standard with a 1 HDMI (with loop), 1 CVBS, 1 VGA, 1 DVI and 1 pair of Audio analog connectors, it also comes with 1 empty module slots for any single input modules selecting from HDMI,DP,DVI,SDI,VGA,CVBS and USB modules. Capability of support any input makes GX4pro have features of PIP (dual pictures) , synchronized video with audio control and seamless switching between different inputs. Moreover Extended Display Identification Data(EDID management) make sure display perfectly spot to spot. GX4pro can work as LED display controller when universal senders cards is installed. There are 2 empty slots fitting for one 2.6mega pixels sender card or two 1.3mega pixels sender cards. RGBlink dedicated sender card module SubitoNX™ Quatro is an also an option to control LED display. It provides 2.3 mega pixels display up to horizontal 3840 pixels or vertical 1920 pixels, through 4 RJ45 ports.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Transition effects
  • RGBlink instant TAKE with pre-Sync
  • Audio controls
  • Support for additional input options
  • EDID management on board
  • On board test patterns
  • Support for multi-device cascade
  • Two empty slots reserved for universal sender cards and RBGlink SubitoNX™Quatro sender module to install
  • Support for XPOSE 2.0 control
  • Support for RGBLink OpenAPI

RGBlink GX4pro Working Diagram

RGBlink GX4pro Working Diagram

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