Linsn X1000 X2000 LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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LINSN X2000 X1000 supports various LED screens in the market, using mature solution, high end video ICs, and 12bit color processing to show colorful and clear image. Using world’s leading image process technology, Faroudja, (DCDi to eliminate jagged edges; TNR-reducing noise technology)

One processor supports 2.62 million pixels(X1000 1.3 million pixels); supports customizing resolution, fade-in/out, picture-in-picture (position and size can be set as your requirements) and capturing parts of full-screen image function.

Please note that X2000 X1000 only works with Linsn receiving card.

Linsn X1000 X2000 LED Video Processor
Functions and features:

X 2000 | X 1000 Video Processor

1) X2000 has various interfaces: 2 CVBS ports,2 VGA ports,1 HDMI port,1 DVI port(DVI LOOP); SDI(with SDI loop, optional)
2) 2.0 inch LCD menu display;
3) Supports PIP, fade in/out function and other effect;
4) Supports 16bit greyscale display and output for monitor;
5) X2000 Supports customizing resolution, like 3840(max width) x 640, 1024 x 2560(max height), and 2560x1024.
    x1000 Supports customizing resolution, like 3840(max width) x 340,   512 x 1920 (max height), 1280x1024, and 1440x900.
6) Supports cascade.
*X1000 VP2800 VP1800 LED Video Processor has been discontinued, please purchase replacement product X2000 LED Video Processor

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