Linsn TS852D LED Sending Box LED Display Screen Controller

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by Linsn
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TS852D LED controller box has TS802D sending card inside it, its function is the same as TS802D sending card.
1. Completely Compatible with the Seventh Generation Control System
The eighth generation is developed based on the seventh. Compared with the seventh, the eighth has all the functions of
the seventh. Moreover, the eighth is more functional, more powerful, more stable and more reliable.
2. Supporting 210 colors
The seventh supports 28 colors: 28*28*28=16777216 kinds of colors.
The eighth supports 210 colors: 210*210*210=1073741824 kinds of colors. It needs to work with our video processors
using the 30 bits TTL. So the coloring number of the eighth is 64 times as much as that of the seventh.
3. The intelligent connecting function
Without resetting the configurations, the receiving cards (including spare ones) of the same LED display/cabinet can be
randomly exchanged or replaced, for they will automatically recognize the showing area and content they are responsible for.
4. The intelligent supervision function
n each receiving card, there is a temperature sensor and four fan-power-output-ports. The speed of the fans is under wise
controlled according to the warming value of temperature set by users.
5. Company Logo Showing
If the power of the sending card is not turned on, the monitor the PC will automatically show the preset company picture.
The pixel of the picture will be 128*128, the coloring number 16K.
6. Supporting more scan mode
The seventh supports 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 scan mode, the eighth supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 scan mode.
7. Supporting more modules
The seventh supports modules with the width: 2pixels, 4 pixels, 8 pixels, 16 pixels, 32 pixels, 64 pixels.The eighth supports all the
modules with width within 64 pixels. That is from 1 pixel to 64 pixels.
8. Supporting cut-up function
Each receiving card max supports 1024 pieces cutup, for non-conventional type display or text display use.
9. supporting empty pixel insert
The eighth can be set to insert one or more empty pixels every X pixels. This function is applying in non-conversional type display.
10. Supporting PWM driver chip
Need to use particular driver chip Make the display effect going perfect
11. Supporting hardware pixel by pixel correction
Need to use particular driver chip. By changing the current for the LED, adjust the color, wave and brightness of the LED.Make the
effect of display pixel by pixel correction better.
12. Supporting pixel supervision function
Need to use particular driver chip Dynamically check the bad pixels on the display.
13. Giga Technology
14. Pixel by Pixel Correction and Unit box by Unit box Correction Function
15. Intelligent Identification Function
16. Gray level 0---Gray Level 66536 (64K) are Optional
17. Optional Refresh Frequency, Synchronous function
18. Super loading capacity
19. Double network cables switch automatically
20. Multi-display synchronous and combination functions.
21. Brightness 256 Levels Automatic Regulation
22. Voice Transmission Function
23. Upgrading Program Online
24. No Toggle Switch
25. Test Function
26. Super Long Transmission Distance
27. Matching software