NovaPro UHD Jr Video Controller advanced all-in-one 4K solution on the market

NovaPro UHD Jr Video Controller advanced all-in-one 4K solution on the market

NovaPro UHD Jr Video Controller advanced all-in-one 4K solution on the market
The NovaPro UHD Jr is NovaStar’s all-new video controller, combining 4K processing and 4K sending into a single piece of technology that can handle anything you throw at it. With unrivaled processing ability and excellent loading capacity, the NovaPro UHD Jr brings you an amazing viewing experience that is perfect for high-end rentals, fine pixel pitch solutions, and anything else requiring a massive amount of power.
NovaPro UHD Jr LED Video Processor
When talking about the UHD Jr, the first thing that has to be noted is the definition it can provide. This is critical for presenting the best picture possible. The UHD Jr puts out 4K x 2K @60hz or 8K x 1K @ 60hz, which is 4096*2160@60Hz / 7680*1080@60Hz. It also allows free scaling to any size, and NovaStar’s proprietary scaling algorithm ensures that the post-scaled image is as crisp and sharp, avoiding the problems common to other scaling solutions.

This level of definition is more than enough to satisfy the needs of most applications, but if you need the absolute best then HDR is what you’re looking for, and the NovaPro UHD Jr has it. The wider color gamut and higher contrast that HDR brings to the table can ensure a more vivid and lifelike image, and the UHD Jr has full support for HDR10.

Finally, to round out that stunning image you’re looking for,

the NovaPro UHD Jr gives you PiP, with unrestricted size and placement of windows, for flexibility and a stunning result. When opening PiP windows or switching between the 8 input sources, special effects ensure the transitions look amazing.

All the power in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the proper amount and type of ports to send and receive your signal. This is another area where the NovaPro UHD Jr really shines. Onboard are Real4K inputs, including 1x DP, 1x HDMI , 2x SDI, 4x SL also can change as 2x DL DVI.

The four DVI inputs can link together into a single independent 4K x 2K or 8K x 1K input.

There are a total of 16 Neutrik Ethernet ports and 4 optical ports, with a total loading capacity of 10 million pixels. Two of the optical ports act as main ports and the other two are assignable as either backup or redundant ports.

When designing the NovaPro UHD Jr, we wanted to hit all the bases. Power and inputs are great, but we needed to make sure this unit could do it all.

That’s why the UHD Jr has ultra-low latency, making sure that in live applications the display matches the live action. It’s also why the Jr has Genlock, ensuring that multiple linked units maintain perfect synchronization. Finally, we gave the NovaPro UHD Jr the ability to work as either sending card or optical converter. When you have a need for long-distance transmission, the UHD Jr can work as an optical converter to help you get the job done.

With so much power and so many features on board, the next step was to ensure operation was as simple as possible. After all, a great tool is useless if you don’t know how to wield it. The NovaPro UHD Jr was designed from the ground up to work as simply and efficiently as possible.

It’s a breeze to capture the display image to use as BKG. There are also 10 application presets that can easily be switched.

Finally, the NovaPro UHD Jr has support for V-Can operation software and SmartLCT mapping software, with web control.

We wanted to give clients a powerful all-in-one machine that not only is suitable for a variety of applications, but can also provide a variety of functions for these applications. That machine is the NovaPro UHD Jr. The 4K functionality, support for HDR, flexible inputs, low latency, and excellent feature set all ensure that the UHD Jr is a must-have tool for your arsenal.
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