Novastar C5 Pro+D32 Control System

Maximize Conference Efficiency with Novastar C5 Pro+D32 Control System

Maximize Conference Efficiency with Novastar C5 Pro+D32 Control System

Experience the pinnacle of audiovisual excellence with the cutting-edge technology offered by Novastar. The comprehensive high-end rental solution integrates multi-screen output splicing, multi-layer video processing, seamless switching across multiple scenarios, high-quality visuals, full control, timecode, and MIDI expansion all in one powerful package.

Unmatched 4K Signal Processing Power

With the ability to receive and process signals beyond 4K resolution, the C5 Pro and D32 combination offers unparalleled performance. The system supports 3840x2160@60Hz signals with the capability to handle 8K@60Hz signal input once the 8K interface sub-card is released.

Diverse Interface Options for Flexibility

The C5 Pro and D32 feature a wide range of input and output interface types, allowing for seamless integration without compromising on specifications.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Screens

From different resolutions to varying frame rates, the system can effortlessly manage up to 15 independent screens simultaneously, making it ideal for complex multi-screen setups.

Limitless Layering for Creative Display

With support for up to 32 4K mixed layers, the system enables users to showcase their content with unparalleled creativity and depth.

Convenient Multi-Device Control

The system supports simultaneous control from multiple client devices, ensuring seamless collaboration and ease of operation.

Enhanced Visual Operation with Dual Screen Control

Featuring a 43.5-inch touch fish screen and an 8-inch touch smart screen, the system offers a fully visualized operation experience for added peace of mind during live events.

Flexible Operation with Professional Platform

Powered by the X86 platform and Novastar's innovative Unico software, the system delivers smooth performance and robust control capabilities.

Immersive Experience with Built-in Powerful Chipset

As the world's first video console to support timecode, the system simplifies scene usage with support for various timecode inputs and outputs.

Streamlined Multi-Device Control for Effortless Playback

With the ability to control multiple device types simultaneously, the system significantly simplifies on-site processes and reduces the risk of errors.

Customizable Buttons for Personalized Control

Supporting various control methods such as private protocols, MIDI protocols, and KVM, users can tailor the control console to their specific needs.

Innovative Design for Seamless Operation

Featuring a built-in 61-key mechanical keyboard, two storage cabinets, four rotary encoders, and eight faders, the system offers a rich and immersive operational experience.

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