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The storage of the display screen

LED Display Routine maintenance
1. Recommends our customers to do periodic checking and maintenance. The periodic time is one month.
2. The maintenance contents include:
A. Checking computer and other peripheral devices.
B. Killing virus , cleaning garbage, and backup data in computer periodically.
C. Cleaning computer and other peripheral devices. (Don’t do this when working.)
3. The maintenance and inspection of the LED screen is including:
A. If there is the dot out of control, or abnormal module;
B. If possible, please check all the hardware, include whether the steel structure is loosen, whether the wiring connection is loosen, whether the socket is plug-in correctly, whether the fans are working correctly, and whether there is the dust on the ventilation filters, etc. We suggest the customer to clean the ventilation filters, fans every two months, to check if there is the abnormal phenomenon; (Do remember not to clean the LED screen or check the socket plug-in and plug-out when the LED display is lit up.
C. The test of the controlling system, include the consistency of the LED screen, if there is the flicker while showing the image, and if there is the abnormal of the color( include color deviatation, uneven brightness, etc.), etc.
4. Please resolve all problems timely during periodic maintenance and annual inspection.
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