XiXun E Series LED Multimedia Card E30 E36 LED Display Controller For Taxi Top Screen

$250.00 USD
by XiXun
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Xixun Sysolution E30 Cloud Platform For Taxi Top Screen

  • Have Wi-Fi 4G and GPS on board, and support AP function;
  • Have off-line software to send programs by cell phone or tablet;
  • Support AIPS cloud platform;
  • Have SDK for development;
  • Support upload program by Udisk;
  • Reach to 100MKbps by 4G communication;
  • High sensitivity GPS with fast speed;
  • High level of vibration-proof;
  • keep running for 10 seconds after cutting off the power;
  • Support new generation D90-XX receiving card.
Xixun Sysolution E36 4G/3G Wi-Fi Internet LED Screen Controller
  • On board Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS, support AP function;
  • Support sending programs via iPhone, iPad, Android cellphone in local network;
  • Support AIPS cloud platform;
  • Support SDK;
  • Support upload programs by USB;
  • Support high communication speed to 100MKbps;
  • Highly sensitive GPS;
  • Highly quakeproof.
E30:After cascade: 1280*1080 Total resolution :60,0000 Can not bring screen itself
E36:256*256 for single card, No receiving card, maximum 96000 pixels totally

Further Information:
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