RGBlink VENUS X14 Splicing LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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RGBLink VENUS X14 Splicing LED Video Processor

X14 is a large scale, 80 mega pixel video processor supporting multple operation modes and high performance multi-window/layer/pip capabilities for "system-in-box" capabilities
For entire video display systems, X14 brings a new level of efficiency, capability and control. Supporting to massive 52 inputs and up to 40 outputs, X14 truly brings together large videos systems for system-in-box approaches to video presentation and integration. Modular throughout RGBlink technologies support user fit input and output signals with each slot configurable up to 4K/UHD resolutions at full frame rates.
With so many inputs, windowing and layering capabilities have been dramatically enhanced over earlier models and the output canvas is up to 80 mega pixels across multiple virtual video containers and modes.

Dedicated preview functionality is available both remotely via XPOSE and on the inbuilt LCD display. XPOSE is embedded directly to X14 too, providing not just monitoring but extensive control capabilities.
X14 takes advanced video processing and scaling to a whole new level.
RGBlink VENUS X14 Splicing LED Video Processor
● 23 slots for flexible input and output modules collaboration
● Redundant hot swap power supply option and auto temperature control
● Seamless switching 52x40
● Up to 80 mega pixles output splicing
● Display up to 160 layers
● Compatible with all display system
● 12G SDI input
● 4K@60 input and 4K self-defined EDID
● EDID management
● Independent PST, multiple pictures seamless switching
● Streaming preview any input signal
● 3D signal input and output display
● Rotate each output independently in 1 degree increment
● DSK and OSD text overlay
● Built-in Genlock
● Control via XPOSE and T series consoles
RGBlink VENUS X14 Splicing LED Video Processor
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