Novastar LED Display Controller MSD300-1 MSD600-1 LED Sending Card

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Nova MSD300/MSD600 is standard model of Nova sending card.

LED Sending Card Appearance

LED Sending Card Working Diagram


It has the following charecterstics:
1.HDMI/DVI input;
2.HDMI/extermal audio input;
3.12bit/10bit/8bit HDvideo source;
4.Resolution supported:2048*1152,1920*1200,2560*960;
5.Resolution supported:1440*900;(12bit/10bit)
6.1 light sensor interface;
7.Cascading supported;
8.18bit gray scale processing and presentation;
9.Video format:RGB,YCrCb4:2:2,YCrCb4:4:4;



1.1 DVI video input;
2.1 audio input;
3.2 Ethernet port outputs;
4.USB control interface which is able to be cascaded for uniform control;
5.Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668;
6.1 light sensor interface.