Magnimage Sapphire Series LED Receiving Card LED-M16T LED Display Controller

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LED-M16T LED Receiving Card
1) Integrated 16 HUB75 interfaces, eliminating the need for a HUB board.
(Equivalent Nova DH426/DH7516)
2) Support 32 groups of RGB signal parallel output.
3) Single card can carry 192K (384*512) pixels.
4) Safety upgrade, support mainstream chip upgrade free debugging
5) Support readback of receiving card parameters, support readback of firmware.
6) With network cable hot backup function
7) Support receiving card preset screen
8) Support display 90° multiplier rotation
9) Support all receiver card parameter monitoring functions
10) Support point by point correction, support for fast light and dark line repair
11) Support automatic data search
12) Support for intelligent sequencing
13) Support network port error monitoring
14) RoHS compliant
15) Comply with CE-EMC standards

LED-M16T LED Receiving Card Features

  • Integrate 16 HUB75E ports
  • 32 groups of RGB signal parallel output
  • Support 128K(256×512) pixels
  • High refresh, high brightness, high grey levels
  • Receiving card parameter backward reading
  • LAN cable hot backup
  • Support brightness, chroma point by point correction
  • N×90° rotation
  • Receiving card parameter monitoring

     LED-M16T LED Receiving Card Parameters

    RGB parallel data 32 groups
    Load Maximum load 128*1024
    Number of cascading cards ≤1000PCS
    Support for scanning lines 1—32 scanning
    Power consumption 3W
    Input voltage DC3.5-5.5V
    Operating temperature -20℃ - 70℃
    Working humidity 10%RH-90%RH