LONGTENGHUA AC 12038 Server-Square Fan Steel,110V 220V 380V LED Display Cabinet Cooling Blower Fan

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AC12038 LED Display Cabinet Cooling Blower Fan
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Impeller: PBT+30% fiber glass
Motor: shaded-pole induction motor
Insulation: Class B
Size: 120mmx120mmx38mm
Voltage:110-380V AC
Air Flow:3.2/5.1(M3/min)
Life time: 30000 Hours
AC12038 LED Display Cabinet Cooling Blower Fan
AC12038 LED Display Cabinet Cooling Blower Fan

Fan use should pay attention to the following matters.
(1), please do not touch the blades and power cord wrapped around the fan or pull the power cord, this action axis and power cord will be damaged.
(2), please avoid dust, water droplets, small insects into, and affect the life and defective products.
(3), please do not use in flammable gas and any harmful environment.
(4)、When the fan is in operation, please do not attempt to lock the fan for a particularly long period of time, as this will produce high heat and burn the fan due to continuous stop.
(5), when installing the fan, please pay special attention to the noise generated by resonance or vibration.
(6)、The torque of the screw of the locking shell should not exceed 4Kgf; please do not use a screwdriver, iron bar, etc. to block the fan, as this will damage the fan.
(7)、Please note that the fan will hurt your fingers when running at high speed.