Kystar Gold Card G608 G612 G616 LED Receiving Card

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Kystar G608 G612 G616 LED Receiving Card

The G608/G612/G616 receiving card of the Kystar Gold Card series is an important part of the main control system of the LED large screen, receiving data from the transmitting card and decoding Converted into a module control signal, it is used with the transmission card to form the main control system of the LED large screen. Adopt the industry's top design technology, in line with international and industry standards.
The gold card receives the G608/G612/G616's unique color transformation technology, which makes the face skin color more realistic; the unique arbitrary frequency multiplication technology, the mobile phone shoots without scanning lines.
  • A single card has 16 standard interfaces and outputs 32 sets of RGB data.
  • Support a variety of general-purpose chips, PWM chips, dual latch chips.
  • Unique arbitrary frequency doubling technology, the phone shoots without scanning lines.
  • Unique color transformation technology makes the face complexion more realistic.
  • Support high gray, high brush, low brightness high grayscale display.
  • The details are handled perfectly to eliminate problems such as dark, low gray and red,
  • ghosting and so on.
  • Supports point-by-point correction of brightness and chromaticity, provides correction of low gray compensation, and ensures low gray effect.
  • Support one-click read back profile information function.
  • Support one-click repair function, card replacement worry-free.
  • Supports real-time detection of network communication status and detection of network cable connection sequence.
  • Support any extraction point, easy to set up a variety of special-shaped screens.
  • Program write protection, upgrade power failure worry-free.
8 HUB Interface ,16-group Data
G608 receiving card is integrated with 8 HUB-75E interfaces, supporting 16 groups of RGB data.It is recommended to carry 512*256 pixels.

12 HUB Interface ,24-group Data
G612 receiving card is integrated with 12 HUB-75E interfaces, supporting 24 groups of RGB data.It is recommended to carry 128*768 pixels.

16 HUB Interface ,32-group Data
G616 receiving card is integrated with 16 HUB-75E interfaces, supporting 32 groups of RGB data. It is recommended to carry 128*1024 pixels.

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