ECSR D Series DDR LED Receiving Card YC-D2 D2S D3 LED Display Controller

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YC-D2/D2S/D3 LED Receiving Card

1、 DDR2/DDR2/DDR3 standard interface, easy to install
2、 Upgrade free chip compatible
3, support point-by-point brightness chroma correction, correction of low gray compensation function
4, support dual card backup (dual backup circuit design), network cable hot backup' dual power backup
5、 Support network line BER' receiving card serial number detection
6、 Support one-key repair configuration parameters function
7、 Support data interface customization
8、 Support screen 90. times rotation' screen zoom function
9、 Support receiving card configuration readback
10、 Support module Flash auto-correction
11、 Comply with RoHS standard and CE-EMC standard

D Series LED Receiving Card Load Limit
Three-wire parallel data:(RGB)26/32/24 groups
Serial data:80/96/80 groups
Recommended load:256*384/256*512/256*384
Number of cascade cards:<100PCS
Support scan line:1-128 scan