Does 0.8mm or 0.9mm LED display available

Does 0.8mm or 0.9mm LED display available?

By now, we all know there are no technical difficulties for manufacturing P1.2 or above. P0.8 and P0.9 ONLY could be made by a minority of factories. But it doesn’t mean the same technology was adopted by these factories. Below are some of the techniques used for narrow pixel pitch led display screens.

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How do i test an LED screen

How do i test an LED screen?

That is a good question for the startups who want to buy an LED screen for the first time.

To get all the details, probably several days are needed for discussion. Everybody might be very busy, let’s make a long story short. Okay, just 5 minutes, you will tell me it’s not complicated at all. Here is one of the most critical things.

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What is white balance?

White balance is one of the most important indicators for LED display. For LED display, it will show pure white color only when three primary color...

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LED Display Screen FAQ

LED Display FAQ

What's LED? - A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices, and are increasingly ...

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