1. The use of turning on/off LED screen and hardware.
1.1 Switch process:

Turn on LED screen:

A. Power on the equipments ( Ensure inputting correct voltage , and connecting L/N/G cables correctly);
B. Start the computer (Ensure setting correct parameters of DVI card, or else LED display will not show right image);
C. Run the software, and set up the display size and the playing area (This measure won't affect the image on LED screen);
D. Power on the LED display gradually based on the connection order. Make sure previous part works well before powering on the next one. Please find out the reason if some part doesn't work.

Turn off LED screen:

A. Power off LED screen;
B. Turn off the software.
C. Turn off the computer in right way.
1.2 Please make sure at least 5 minutes between turning on and turning off the LED.
1.3 Please don't turn on the LED screen in such situation below, which may cause the LED screen out of control.
A. The software has not turned on in the computer.
B. A. The power of the controlling system hasn't been turned on completely.
1.4 Please turn off the LED screen and find out the fault reason timely when malfunction comes out. (You can refer to the part of excluding malfunctions in this book.)
1.5 Please check LED screen or change the switch if the power trips suddenly many times.
1.6 Please don’t strike and extrude the front of LED screen with any hard object.

2. The use of control system
2.1 Please don't mistake the connection of power cable(L/N/G). And please test if the shell of peripherals connected is with electricity.
2.2 Please make the computer only used for LED screen. Don't go to internet unless remote control.
2.3 If you want to move the computer and the controller, please check if the wire connection is good, and the control board is loosen before power on the equipment. If there is any abnormal phenomenon such like the short circuit, trip, burning and smoking, etc. Please turn off the power timely and check the problem.
2.4 Please install anti-virus software, and garbage cleaning software on the computer to prevent malicious interference.

3. The use of software
3.1 Please arrange the special person to be in charge of the controlling computer, the person can set up the password to stop the other non-related people to operate with this computer. And the special person should be skillful the installation methods, raw data recover and back up. Besides, the special person should master the controlling parameter settings, correction of basic data. And be familiar with the program, operation and edition. (Please refer to the customer training details.)
3.2 If possible, please back up the software of the controlling computer, such as the Windows operating system, application program, set up program and the database, etc.
3.3 After the re-installation of the operating software of the controlling computer, please remember to install the related driving programs first( especially the video card driving program) then the it can work normally.
3.4 More details about the operation of the exact controlling software, please refer to the 4th chapter.

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