how to storage LED display


how to storage LED display

1. The storage of uninstalled cabinets and spare modules.
1.1 Please adopt anti-moisture measures in store area, humidity requirement: less than 90%;
1.2 Please keep appropriate temperature in store area, temperature requirement: -40°C ≤ t ≤60°C;
1.3 Please avoid the harm of mice and pest in store area, the rats bane can be used if necessary, so does the installed screen;
1.4 Please avoid the rain or other liquid into the screen or module while in store.
1.5 Please do cleaning to avoid large dust and debris in store area.

2. The usage and storage of screen under special environments.
2.1 Please adopt proper anti-thunder methods to ensure the release of the strong electricity and magnet, which caused by the thunder and lightning. Please turn off the screen and PC temporarily while on the terrible thunder and lightning weather;
2.2 Please don’t install screen in the area which is easy to accumulate water.
Please turn off the screen temporarily in the terrible convection weather, such as typhoon, hard rain, severe snow, hailstone.
2.3 Please pay attention to salt corrosion to the exposed metal of screen caused by the air salinity in the coastal areas.
Please guarantee the poles anti-typhoon while use poles.
2.4 The LED screen shall not be power on because of the ultra-low temperature in winter in some countries and areas, to make sure the LED screen can work normally, please apply for the low temperature power supplies, if necessary, please add the hot air-curtain.
2.5 If the environment temperature is too high, or with poor heat evacuation condition, please don't keep the screen working for a long time, and add the special heat dissipation devices such as fans and air-conditioner, etc.
2.6 Please note that, the LED screen must connect to the ground.
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