Linsn Y8 Series for all size 2-in-1 LED Display Controller Y8-640 Y8-620 LED Video Processor

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by Linsn
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Y8 is a 4K LED display control device developed by Lingxingyu. A single device can carry a maximum of 26 million pixels, supports a variety of video signal interfaces, and has a maximum of 40 Gigabit network port outputs to meet customers' needs for ultra-long and large screens. According to the number of screens, the number of output network ports and loading, it can be divided into:

Model      Layers                                Ports                  Capacity
Y8-406     4 layers,random layout     6 ports                  3.9 million
Y8-410     4 layers,random layout     10 ports                6.5 million
Y8-412     4 layers,random layout     12 ports                7.8 million
Y8-416     4 layers,random layout     16 ports                10.4 million
Y8-420     4 layers,random layout     20 ports                13 million
Y8-614     6 layers,random layout     14 ports                9.1 million
Y8-620     6 layers,random layout     20 ports                13 million
Y8-628     6 layers                             28 ports                18.2 million
Y8-634     6 layers                             34 ports                22.1 million
Y8-640     6 layers                             40 ports                26 million

Functions and features:

Y8 Series 2-in-1 LED Controller

1. Supports complete digital input interfaces, including 2 channels of HDMI2.0, 1 channel of DP1.2, 4 channels of HDMI1.3, 1 channel of VGA, 1 channel of DVI, and 2 channels of 3G-SDI (optional);
2. Supports up to 40 Gigabit network port outputs;
3. A single unit can carry a maximum of 26 million pixels;
4. Support screen zoom;
5. Multi-window display, supporting 6-screen layout;
6. Support monitoring output screen;
7. Support scene preset;
8. Support EDID management;
9. Support network cable and Type-C interface debugging;
10.Support schedule setting
11. Support U disk and cloud backup data;
12. Support data recovery from U disk and cloud;
13. Support licensing function;
14. Output network port connection detection display;