Novastar C5 Video Console Seamless Video Switcher(Call for price)

$10,000.00 USD
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Novastar C5 Video Console

Equipped with the leading-edge core architecture and SSD(NVMe),the C5 event controller enables the most fluent and fast operations ever. With the design concept of increasing operational efficiency and satisfying the various changing needs thatmay arise fromevent scenarios, the C5 event controller comes with all the crucial functionalities that you may need. The newly-upgraded built-in software PixelFlow with always user-friendly GUI helps you manage devices, screens, layers, sources, presetsmore stably and easily. The magnificient interactive design maximizes user convenience and shortens your learning curve. Convenient control over multiple presentation switchers and media servers greatly simplifies your on-site deployment and brings more convenience and ease to your events. In addition, timecode generating and accepting support,timecode format conversion ability and MIDI support add extra value to all spectacles.


The C5 event controller comes with a compact size and lightweight ruggedized housing, 87 user-programmable LCD buttons, four encoders and eight faders, a high-resolution T-bar, etc. to bring you the maximum ease of use for your events. What's more, the stunning design of 21.5” Main Touchscreen and 8” Smart Touchscreen enables the more visualized and convenient operations, as well as a foldable design makes it easily survive in any road trips. All these make it the perfect solution for various spectacular live events.

  • Built-in upgraded software PixelFlow with more user-friendly GUI,shorter learning curve
  • Timecode generating, receiving and conversion abilities; LTC, MTC and MIDI USB timecode formats support
  • Simultaneous control over multiple switchers and media servers
  • Control over third-party devices via MIDI protocol
  • KVM function
  • PTZ control
  • Compact size
  • High anticorrosive aluminum housing, lightweight body design
  • Foldable design, with main screen readable and operationable at 45 to 125°
  • 21.5'' Main Touchscreen and 8'' Smart Touchscreen for visualized and convenient operations
  • Smart Touchscreen for displaying still images, timecode,device health and Multiviewer
  • 4x encoders and 8x faders, configurable as internal software function buttons or as MIDI buttons
  • User-programmable LCD indication buttons for names, pages and more
  • Free replacement of button skin and styles
  • Unique design for convenient disassembly and easy maintenance

Novastar C5 Video Console Appearance
Pixelhue U5 Video Console Appearance
Novastar C5 Video Console Working Diagram
Pixelhue U5 Video Console Working Diagram

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