Huidu 50PIN LED Receiving Card HD-R500 LED Display Controller

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by Huidu
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50PIN HUB Receiving Card HD-R500
HD-R500 is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, it with 2 lines 50PIN HUB port, support different type HUB board.

  • Integrated with 2 lines 50PIN HUB port, support connect different type HUB board
  • Support regular chips and PWM chips
  • Support static module, any scan mode within 2~64 scan
  • Support data group exchange and data group offset setting
  • Smart settings, draw points, trace points, etc.
  • Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order
  • Recommended loading range: 128*512
Function Parameters
Work with   sending card Dual-mode   sending box,Asynchronous sending card, Synchronous sending card, Video   processor of VP series.
Module type Compatible with all   common IC module, supported most PWM IC module.
Scan mode Supports any scanning   method from static to 1/64 scan
Communication method Gigabit Ethernet
Control range Recommend:65,536 pixels (128*512)


Outdoor module width ≤256, Indoor module width ≤128

Multi-card connection Receiving card   can be put in any sequence
Gray scale 256~65536
Smart setting A few simple steps to complete the smart settings,   through the screen layout can be set to go with any alignment of the screen   unit board.
Test functions Receiving card integrated screen test function, Test   display brightness uniformity and display module flatness.
Communication distance Super Cat5,Cat6 network cable within 80 meters
Port 5V DC Power*1,1Gbps Ethernet port*2, 50 PIN HUB*2
Input voltage 4.2V-5.5V
Power 5W

Further Information:
Huidu HD-R500 LED Receiving Card Specification