Colorlight V8 Video splicer matrix LED Display multi-screen splicing processor(Call for Price)

$20,000.00 USD
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This is a hybrid plug-in intelligent image splicing processor series products, which can display multiple static and dynamic images on different LED screens to achieve multi-window superimposed, roaming display.
This series of products support multiple host scales to meet the different sizes of LED screen drive display; support a variety of input and output signal formats mixed with use to meet the diversified needs of the video source; support any position of the window, overlay, roaming, high-definition graphics, rolling subtitles, to meet the different needs of the scene video image or big data presentation; support pre-surveillance and display back to achieve visualization Control management is simple, clear, efficient and fast; optional high-performance redundant power supply module, that is, when another power supply module fails, it will not affect the equipment's power supply, the equipment can still work normally and effectively.

  • Input board type (one card, two channels): 4K HDMI/HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI/HDBaseT
  • Output board type (one card, two channels, four layers): HDMI/DVI
  • Output board type (one card, four channels, two layers): HDMI/DVI
  • Unique LED image processing algorithm effectively solves the problems of image disconnection and missing pixels in LED screen display
  • Ultra-low latency screen processing, less than 30ms
  • Multi-port signal input and real-time sync output for Ultra HD video, compatible with Nvidia Mosaic and AMD Eyefinity technology
  • Support ultra-high-definition bottom image display, at the same time, support different screens to upload different bottom images, presenting different bottom image effects.
  • Customizable beacons for fast traceability to video sources
  • Variable scrolling character display, parameters such as font, size, color, position, transparency, static and dynamic can be set.
  • Have the function of displaying back and premonitoring to achieve the visual operation management of the device.
  • Input resolution up to 4K@30Hz, output resolution can be customized to meet different specifications of LED screen display.
  • Support multi-group control management, up to four groups.
  • Open, overlay and roam at any position to effectively present different video screens or big data information
  • When debugging the LED screen, there is no need to connect the processor output port and the LED transmitter card in a fixed order, the internal output signal can be adjusted through the software platform to quickly correspond to the mapping of the output port to the LED screen.
  • Support user hierarchy, decentralized management, each in its own role
  • Support scene management, one-click scene recall, scene rotation and scene snapshot display.
  • Support configuration backup and recovery, backup information can be downloaded and saved for backup, power failure memory function, no need to worry about configuration loss.
  • Supports high temperature alarm and intelligent fan adjustment for the host machine
  • Supports authorization management of equipment lifetime in the field
  • The device can be controlled in various ways, including RS232 command control and LAN client software control, and supports serial or network port control of third-party devices.

4U mainframe: (L*H*D W436.6mm x H178.0mm x D320.0mm)
5U Mainframe: (L*H*D W436.6mm x H219.0mm x D320.0mm)
9U mainframe: (L*H*D W436.6mm x H400.0mm x D320.0mm)