Colorlight LED Display Accessories R8 Ultra HD Video Controller

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Colorlight R8 Ultra HD Video Controller

The R8 is developed by Colorlight for the conversion between the Gigabit Ethernet port and the Fast Ethernet port. It can be used between the Colorlight sender and the N series receiving card of Colorlight. Equipped with the function of redundancy and online monitoring, it can effectively enhance the operating stability of the device. The R8, working together with the N series receiving card, can be widely applied in such scenarios as urban beautification, landscape lighting, and shopwindow dressing.

·Supports signal inputs and cascading via Gigabit Ethernet ports
·Supports 8 Ethernet output ports, with a total load of 480,000 pixels
·Support each channel of Fast Ethernet port with 60,000 pixels
·Support the highest/widest 4800 pixels
·Supports the splitting and redistribution of video signals
·Supports the rotation and offset of display content to realize the display of special-shaped screens
·Supports long-distance network cable transmission
·Supports online bit error monitoring
·Supports redundancy
·Supports online update
·Support button self-test
·Compatible with all series of Colorlight sending devices