TF-C6UR LED Receiving Card LED Display Controller

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TF-C6UR/TF-C3U LED Receiving Card

Product Name: TF-C6UR TF-C3U
Current status: TF-C3U has been discontinued, the new replacement model is TF-C6UR
Function introduction: Multi-area arbitrary partition, colorful border, U disk update, time arbitrary font size, cross screen (cross screen demo video), LED display asynchronous control card
U disk function: Support U disk update program, U disk brightness adjustment, U disk set screen parameters. It is stored in file mode and does not affect the original files of the U disk. Use card reader compatible with SD card, miniSD card
Control range: monochrome, 2048×64; 1024×128; two-color 1024×64; 512×128
Full color, full color module with 08 interface, 4 blocks high, 75/40 interface module, 2 blocks high
Onboard interface: 4 08 interfaces; 8 12 interfaces Supports all common P10, 3.75, 5.0 modules without adapter board
Scanning method: Monochrome and two-color modules supporting 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and static scanning of various conventional traces
Storage capacity: 2M bytes
Number of programs: Up to 200 programs are supported, and each program supports 16 areas for simultaneous playback. Each graphic supports up to 200 messages. (The quantity is based on the premature storage space)
Display effect: 45 animation effects such as rain, fountain, and scroll.
Colorful borders: Support a variety of colorful border effects, support for picture custom borders.
Type of information: hypertext, picture, animation, countdown, timing, temperature, humidity, clock
Play mode: The program supports rotating play, timed long play, support for playing by date, time, and week.
Time display: dial clock, text clock, time with seconds, adjustable font size, time zone can be set. Support multi-time zone control display
Communication method: serial communication, speed 57600, 9600 adjustable, support automatic search, support U disk update program
Brightness adjustment: 16 levels of brightness, support manual brightness, support 6 time period timing brightness adjustment
Screen switch: manual switch screen, support 4 time period timer switch screen
Test button: Onboard test button to switch test mode, test color
Extended function: temperature, humidity (temperature and humidity module and wiring diagram point here), RF wireless communication, monochrome expansion height, transfer 75 full color interface
Electrical parameters: +5V DC (4.5V ~ 6V), normal working power consumption is less than 0.5W, read U disk power consumption is less than 2W
Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Physical size: 73mm × 103mm, positioning hole distance: 55mm × 95mm