VDWALL A6000 Real 4K multi-screen Splicing Processor LED Video switcher processor

$2,750.00 USD
by VDWall
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VDwall A6000 is VDwall's latest LED display 4K video processor in 2019. It has ultra-clear picture display features, seamless video switching, arbitrary window zooming and zooming, multi-channel input and output, splicing high-speed motion scene pictures without tearing and no misalignment. Supports any point-to-point LED display and shaped LED display. Suitable for LED screens for live events such as concerts, conferences, etc. The zoomed-out picture is clearly visible, the macro is presented in front of your eyes, the color reproduction is high, and the ultra-clear sensory visual experience. 
*This price is A6222 full configuration price(INPUT 2*4K+2*2K+ OUTPUT 2*4DVI). If you don't find your configuration, please contact us.

Ultra-clear HD

4K2K 60Hz, true 4K, full 60Hz full hardware high-speed processing
  • 6 way 4K2K_60Hz signal input
  • Advanced input and output processingVDWALL A6000 Real 4K multi-screen Splicing Processor
VDWALL A6000 Real 4K multi-screen Splicing Processor.Intercept 4K images of any size and position within the range of 3840x2160
.A total of 8 channels, DVI output of any size and position within 1920x1080

Multi-screen display

4 layers 6 screens Any size of any screen Any position, any cross screen
  • One-click seamless switching of any layer stacking order
VDWALL A6000 Real 4K multi-screen Splicing Processor.Arbitrary overlay, any multi-screen roaming
.Window size position is set arbitrarily

Random stitching

Synchronous splicing without tearing 8 splicing 8K2K output 8-way wide and high unequal-synchronous splicing, shaped screen splicing
  • Fully synchronized display of all LED unit screens, no tears and misalignment at high speed motion video stitching
VDWALL A6000 Real 4K multi-screen Splicing Processor.Support LED unit screen stitching with different pitch

Voltage of Input:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption:75W
Ambient Temperature:0-45℃
Ambient Humidity:15-85%
Product Size:482x465.5x89mm
Package Size:500x510x160mm
Net Weight:7.6KG

Further Information:
VDWALL A6000 LED Video Processor Specification