Linsn V5 Series all-in-1 LED Video Processor V5-0818 Splicing Processor

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by Linsn
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Linsn V5 series Splicing Processor is a series of mixed card intelligent image splicing processor products, which can display multiple dynamic and static pictures on LED or LCD screens of different specifications, and support multi-window, superposition and roaming.

This series of products support a variety of sizes, meeting different sizes of screen-driven display. Support the mixed use of a variety of input and output signal formats, HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, HDBaseT and DP signal cards can be selected, according to the specific needs. Also, customers can choose the all-in-one sending board, which is integrated with Ethernet ports, customers no need to buy LED controller (sending card) anymore.

The products work with smart management software to enable more screen splicing effects and better satisfy various user needs. It supports OSD, scene management, high-definition wallpaper, scrolling subtitles, and upgrades, and realizes the presentation of video images or big data with different needs on the spot; supports preview and echo functions to achieve visual control management. Optional high-performance redundant power supply module, that is, when the other power module failure will not affect the power supply of the equipment, the equipment can still work properly and effectively.

This product is in customization range, please contact us for a detailed quote.

Name    High    Max inputs    Max outputs   Max outputs(2 ports per card)
8x18      4U              8                  18                    9
18x36    5U             18                 36                   18
36x36    9U             36                 36                   18
  • Modular design, input cards: 4K HDMI, 4K DP, HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, HDBaseT
  • Output cards (up to two input video sources at one screen): HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT
  • Output cards (up to four input video sources at one screen): HDMI, DVI
  • Support LED and LCD screens
  • Support high-definition multi-port signal input and real-time synchronous output, compatible with Nvidia Mosaic and AMD Eyefinity technology
  • The Custom TV sign quickly traced back to video signal sources
  • Support output resolution selection and video resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz
  • Support equipment high-temperature alarm and intelligent fan regulation
  • Real-time display and preview, to implement visual operation management of equipment
  • Scene recalling, scene saving, scene rotation, getting and setting IP by RS232 communication commands
  • Supportscrollingsubtitlesthatbesetfont, size, color, position, transparent, dynamic, and static parameters
  • Output picture supports splicing, segmentation, window superposition, scaling, stretching, cutting, PIP (picture in picture), roaming, and so on
  • Up to build 2 or 4 windows on each display screen, the single signal source can build many windows
  • Up to 4 groups of output screens can be set, and the video resolution of any group screen can be user-defined
  • Support to upload ultra-high wallpaper
  • Support user rating, decentralized management
  • Scene management: clearing, saving, calling, the rotated scene
  • Support configuration of backup and recovery: backup information, power-off memory
  • Controlledinavarietyofways,includingRS232instructioncontrolandLANsoftware control, and supports serial port or network port control of third-party devices
  • Arbitrary installation, no need to connect the processor output port to the LED screen sending card in a fixed order
Further Information:
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