Colorlight V6 Video splicer matrix LED Display multi-screen splicing processor

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V6 multi-screen splicing processor is a series of hybrid plug-in intelligent image splicing processor, can display multiple dynamic and static screens on different sizes of LED screens, to achieve multi-window superposition, roaming display.
This series of products support a variety of host size, to meet the different sizes of LED screen drive display; support a variety of input and output signal formats mixed with the use of the site to meet the needs of diverse video sources; support any position window, overlay, roaming, high-definition background map, scrolling subtitles, to meet the different needs of the site video images or the presentation of large data; support pre-monitoring and playback functions to achieve Visual control management, simple and clear, efficient and fast; optional high-performance redundant power supply module, that is, when another power supply module failure will not affect the power supply of the equipment, the equipment can still work normally and effectively.

  • Adopt FPGA architecture, no embedded operating system, internal core computing mechanism, excellent image processing performance
  • Support to call scenes and query device information through the front panel touch screen
  • Support any resolution output, the highest single output port supports 2.3 million pixels
  • The highest single output port supports 2.3 million pixels. Output screen can achieve any splicing display
  • Control mode: RS232 serial port and LAN network port
  • The client software can realize signal switching, splicing setting, scene calling, scene saving, scene preview, resolution setting, restoring factory settings, etc.
  • Support input signal source OSD custom character display function, you can set the character font, size, color, transparency, location, etc.
  • Support arbitrary windowing, overlay, roaming, scaling, stretching and other operations
  • Support picture-in-picture display, image overlay display, multi-screen single-screen display, single-screen multi-screen display splicing function
  • Layer order and property settings of overlay window can be realized through client software
  • A single output display supports up to 2 windows
  • Single input source supports arbitrary window opening
  • Up to 4 independent output screens can be set via the client, and the resolution of each output screen can be customized
  • Support 128 scenes saving and calling
  • Power-off memory function

    mainframe: (L*H*D W482.8mm x H88.0mm x D355.1mm)
    Colorlight V6 Video splicer matrix