Wall-mounted Ozone Generator For School Kindergarten Household

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Wall-mounted ozone sterilizer can be used in schools,Kindergartens,early education centers,dormitories,canteens and other spaces to protect the health of children. It can effectively remove common E. coli bacteria, mold, and prevent influenza and hand, foot and mouth disease. 
wall-mounted ozone generator
  • Schools, hotels, KTV boxes, and other spaces or items disinfection, sterilization rate up to 99.9%.
  • Food processing, packaging materials, aseptic room sterilization sterilization, wastewater sterilization disinfection
  • Wall-mounted design, microcomputer intelligent timing, according to the design time automatically switch on and off, cycle work without repeated settings.
  • Adopt ceramic generating unit, micro-gap discharge technology, high frequency and stable discharge, ozone concentration 15-25mg/L.
  • The body is made of automotive paint, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. Seven-leaf low noise silent fan
  • Using ball bearing cooling fan, speed increased by 20%, heat dissipation function is stronger.
Wall-mounted Ozone Generator
Ozone is a kind of fishy light blue gas, the atmosphere also contains a small amount of ozone, but the concentration is generally low in </span>0 02mg/m3, according to the authoritative experts: the ozone concentration in the atmosphere is less than 02mg/m3, no harm to the human body, but also purify the air, only for a long time to stay in the ozone concentration in the environment, will affect the human respiratory system. In addition, the ozone disinfection wavelength of 184,9nm of ultraviolet light can be atmospheric oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3), to the effect of ozone sterilization, O3 mold have a killing effect. o3 due to poor stability, will soon decompose themselves into oxygen or a single oxygen atom, and a single oxygen atom can combine themselves into oxygen molecules, there is no toxic residues.


wall-mounted ozone generator

wall-mounted ozone generator