RGBlink Q Series LED Video Processor Q4L-4K LED Display Controller

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RGBLink Q4L-4K LED Video Processor

Q4L is multi-layer videowall splicing processor, standard with DUAL DVI, HDMI 1.3 input modules, optional modules selecting from SDI, USB, HDBaseT modules, supporting DVI (sync) output module and up to 8 layers. The outstanding feature of Q4L is the built-in splicing and presentation mode patterns which help users to make quick splitting and presentation. Besides control on board, it also support for control via RGBlink XPOSE 2.0.
  • Modular design with flexible input & output combinations
  • Custom output resolutions
  • Support up to 8 layers
  • Independent display management control
  • Custom EDID
  • Control via XPOSE 2.0 or RGBlink OpenAPI

RGBlink Q4L-4K Working Diagram

RGBlink Q4L-4K Working Diagram

Further Information:
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