RGBlink VENUS X2 multiple output LED Video Processor LED Display Controller


RGBLink VENUS X2 multiple output LED Video Processor

X2 is a multiple output video processor, offering up to 16 outputs via four card-frame style slots. Output signal choices include HDMI, 3G-SDI and H.264. On the input side there are similarly four slots, supporting up to a total of 16 video inputs. Options for input include VGA, CVBS, USB Media, 3G-SDI as well as a multi-signal 4K in option.
X2 combines truly seamless, fade in fade out, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video applications, and with multi-mode operations built right in, X2 can equally be used as a video wall processor, a presentation processor or a dynamic router.
EDID management is built in enabling wide signal support, and faciliting any-signal cross-conversion for output. Real-time resolution adaptation, color uniformity compensation technology are also on board.
From the front panel operation check status and set IP address, them connect remotely over a LAN to XPOSE for dynamic over-the-wire configuration of X2
X2 is a powerful yet economical solution, ideal for video wall applications, supporting multi-window, multi-layer video configurations across the output pixel space.
RGBLink VENUS X2 multiple output LED Video Processor
● Up to 16x16 inputs/ouputs (4x4 slots)
● Wide range of user fit smart detect signal choices for input and output
● Auto input format detect and conversion
● EDID Management on board
● Genlock Y and Digital Reference built in
● Real-time resolution adaptation
● Isolated storage and frame rate conversion
● Rotation in 90°increments
● Color uniformity compensation technology
● DSK and Chroma Key features
RGBLink VENUS X2 multiple output LED Video Processor