Novastar VX1000 VX600 LED Display Video Processor 2-in-1 LED controller

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The VX1000 is a 10-port 2-in-1 video controller that combines video processing and video control functions. It can be widely used in the field of medium and high-end rental, stage control and engineering narrow pitch LED display.
  • Rich interface, easy to use
10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6.5 megapixel with load
4-channel 4K1K@60Hz input
Support fiber optic long-distance transmission solution
Support input Mosaic splicing
  • Multi-sample layers, one-click scaling
Support 3 layers 10 scenes
All layers support 4K1K input, opacity adjustment
Main layer support fade in and fade out switch
One-click full-screen zoom, support Superview III algorithm
  • Full backup, safe and worry-free
Support network port backup
Support whole device backup
Support device parameter backup
  • More features Come and explore!
New low latency solution, less than 1 frame
Multi-use, three modes selection
Support 3D display solution
Support TCP/IP debugging network port, USB cascade control more quickly

Model: VX1000 | VX600
With load: 6.5 megapixels, width 10240, height 8192 | 3.9 megapixels, width 10240, height 8192
Layers: 3 x 4K1K layers | 3 x 2K1K layers
Input Connector: 3G-SDI*1 HDMI1.4*2 DVI(HDMI 1.4)*2 OPT1 input*1 | 3G-SDI*1 HDMI1.3*2 DVI(HDMI 1.3)*1 OPT1 input*1
Output interface: Network port*10 HDMI 1.3*1 | Network port*6 HDMI 1.3*1
Optical interface: OPT*2
Control interface: Network port USB (input and output) Genlock (IN-LOOP)
Other functions: spliceable, cascadable, customizable function keys, support scene saving and calling, picture quality adjustment.

Novastar VX1000 LED Video processor Working Diagram
Novastar VX1000 VX600 LED Display Video Processor 2-in-1 LED controller