NovaPro HD All-in-one Professional LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

SKU: NovaPro HD
The NovaPro HD is a professional LED display controller. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front end processing, so an external scalar is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, NovaPro HD meets the requirements of broadcast industry, in image quality and in control. 
  1. The inputs of the Nova Pro HD include CVBS, VGA, SDI, DVI, HDMI and DP. They support input resolution up to 1080p@60Hz. Highest pixel clock is 165MHz. Output bandwidth is up to 4G bit. Advanced de-interlacing motion adaptive processing technology is adopted so that images are clear and fine. And with HDMI, the gray scale depth can be up to 12bits.Nova Pro HD All-in-one Professional LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

  2. Each input can be fully configured with contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and RGB gain. Inputs can be scaled up or down to fit the LED display resolution. 

  3. Computer software for system configuration is not necessary. The system can be configured using one wheel and one button.  All can be done just by fingers. That is what we called Touch Track! You can also configure the system with browsers. This gives you the option of using a remote PC (Windows or Mac or Linux), a pad or even a smart phone to do the configuration. Real-time previews assist with system set-up and confirm source status.

  4. The NovaPro HD has DMX512 and GenLock interface. Professional control and synchronization are ready to go. Optical fiber outputs enable the confident long-distance data transmission.

  5. The NovaPro HD is the flagship product of our new generation controllers, powerful in processing, professional in control, and friendly in user-interface. Having a display to work has never been as easier and more enjoyable as with NovaPro HD.Nova Pro HD All-in-one Professional LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

LED Video processor Specifications
Product Type :Video Controller
Outputs :Optical Fiber Output × 4,Ethernet port × 4
Loading Capacity : 2.35 million pixels, the maximum pixel CLK is 165MHz
Video Loop :DVI, SDI, GenLock
Video Monitor :DVI, HDMI
Communication Mode :USB/LAN
Image Mosaic :Support
Crop Settings :Support
PIP :Support
Power :Emerson original power supply
Certification :CE,  ROHS,  FCC,  UL,  EAC

LED Video processor Working Diagram
NovaPro HD LED Video Processor Diagram
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