Magnimage MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless Switcher (Get a quote)

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High performance video switcher host MIG-V2 adopts advanced internal 12 bit algorithm.and it makes image clearer,more delicate and colorful.It ensures the output signal synchronization and reducibility as well.Single host supports one channel can support 1920*1080 pixels, and it supports a multi screen preview display. The input terminal has built-in video matrix.standard configuration supports 8 inputs(optional),maximum number of inputs can be extended to 12,and it can achieve the synchronization lock of input signals to ensure the sync output of signal.
MIG-V2 host Works with console control MIG-H2/MIG-H1, it can achieve fade switching between 4 layers in program and 4 layers in preview.
It can achieve big size LED screen splicing dlsplay,multi images switching.multi scene switching.backup function.It has been widely used in automobile exhibition,convention,product release conference,stage performance and so on.
MIG-V2 host adopts large capacity of FPGA array and high speed digital bus matrix as the basic hardware frame, for each kind of input signal, internal process adopts RGB 24 bits/60Hz, meanwhile with built in high performance compression engine, supports seamless splicing of multi screen output, making the output images clearer, smooth, no delay.
MIG-V2 host supports multi signal inputs, including DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, it can achieve input signal EDID management. All series products are equipped with after-sale service module, and it support USB upgrade and network control. It is very convenient for technical support and after sales maintenance.
*Purchase MIG-V2 add-on gift MIG-H2.
Functions and features:

MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless Switcher

Magnimage MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless SwitcherMagnimage MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless Switcher
Remarks:① and ② are standard configuration, ③ is expansion area.

  • Single MachineApplication
V2 hostis able to output 4 active layers and 1HD background.
Multi-window previewallows monitoring the real-time input source.Magnimage MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless Switcher
  • Multi-machine Splicing
Using a signal splitter to send signal to 2 units of V2 host,
we can link and group them to achieve large-screen splicing and multi-machine seamless switching.Magnimage MIG-V2 Series Video Seamless Switcher

Power Supply:100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature:0~45℃
Product Dimension:482.6X 371.0 X 133.0mm
Net Weight:12.6Kg

MIG-V2 Series
Model Input
MIG-V2-A: 4DVI、4SDI、1 extended slot
MIG-V2-B: 8DVI、1 extended slot
MIG-V2-C: 4DVI、4VGA、1 extended slot


Instruction X 1     Power Cable X 1    DVI Cable X 2     USB X1
Certification X1    Disk X 1