Magnimage MIG-H1 Video Console Led Event Screen Stage Console

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Single MIG-H1 can control up to 9 sets of MIG-V4/V3/V2 hosts. When the
LED video host works with H1, It can realize large LED video wall splicing
display with multi-scene, multi-layer switching, backup functions etc, and it
is widely applied in auto show, conference , products launching, and stage
ahow etc events.
MIG-H1 adopts a high brightness & scale LCD screen to display the entire
menu system. lfwe use the front buttons to set the device, the LCD screen
will show the corresponding menu according to user operation. T-bar analog
stick are designed to prompt the user to operate better, faster and more

Functions and features:

Magnimage MIG-H1 Video ConsoleMagnimage MIG-H1 Video ConsoleMagnimage MIG-H1 Video Console

  • Single Machine, Splicing& Auxiliary Preview
By setting the value ofH start and V start, it is able to realize left-right splicing or up-down splicing.
Auxiliary preview can be used as a prompter for speaker when making a speech.
And it can also be usedas a output for the side screen. Magnimage MIG-H1 Video Console
  • Multi-machine Splicing
One H1 is able to control the cascading and grouping of 9 pcs of V4, V2.
Built-in 30 presets allow seamless switching among different machines and presets.Magnimage MIG-H1 Video Console

Power Supply:100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature:0~45℃
Product Dimension:483.0 X 575.8 X 133.6mm
Net Weight:10.6Kg


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