Linsn TSR1 LED Sending Box LED Video Wall Controller

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TSR1 is a large transmission box for the Star Rain 4 network port. It supports monochrome, two-color, full-color display. The maximum load supports 2.6 million pixels. An external brightness sensor can be used to automatically adjust the brightness, which can be controlled in multiple stages.

It has the following features:

Rotate the input video signal at any angle
Real-time clock: offline timing lock receiving card, timing adjustment brightness function
Ethernet communication supporting network cable connection
Support knob to adjust the brightness of large screen in real time
No need to directly match the screen with a computer
Support multi-machine cascade, unified control
Support external brightness probe, automatically adjust the brightness of large screen

Loaded: 2.6 million points, single network port support, widest 3840,highest 1920
Interface: Input DVIx1 HDMIx1 output RJ45x6