ECSR YC-LC117 LED Receiving Card LED Display Controller

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YC-LC117 LED Receiving Card

YC-LC117 is a high-end small size universal receiving card.
1. 24 sets of RGB output. 
2. The gray level of input image supports 8/10BIT mode.
3. The maximum output gray level can reach 20BIT.
4.Single card can carry 96K pixels, and each group of data can carry 8K pixels.。
5. Wide voltage input, input voltage range is + 3.5V - +5.5V.
6. Conventional chips have high refresh, brightness and gray level.
7. Support parameter read-back of receiving card.
8. It has the double backup of network lines function and supports the detection of routing.
9. Support box temperature, humidity, power supply voltage monitoring and fan controls;
10. Support point-by-point correction of brightness and chroma. And it does not reduce the carrying area of the receiving card.
11. Wide range of driver chips are supported. Support PWM chips, point-by-point detection chips, conventional chips.
12. Supports the setting of the pre-stored screen of the receiving card.
13. Supports all receiving card parameter monitoring functions.
14. Supporting external environmental monitoring functions.
15. Intelligent Recovery Function. There is no need to reload the program after replacing the receiving card.
16. Never blank screen. Cooperate with intelligent power supply, reduce the brightness of display screen when power supply fails
17. Each interface provides power pins, support unit board power supply.
18. Compliance with EU RoHs standards.
19. Compliance with CE-EMC standards.

Performance Options

Typical value

Maximum value

Supported Screen Types

Monochrome/Dual/Full-color Real Pixel/Virtual Pixel

Number of single-line cascaded receiving cards  



On-board Pixel Area of Single Receiving Card  


96K Pixel

Output RGB Data Array of Single Receiver Card  



Number of RGB Driver Rows



Optical Fiber Transmission Distance

Multimode optical fiber:500 meter;  single mode fiber:10 kilometer

Other properties

10B Video Source, OE Polarity snap Switch Control Protection Scanning Screen Line Tube, LED Screen Self-Test

Working current



Working temperature

-10℃ - 65℃

Working temperature limit

-20℃ - 75℃

Working humidity (%)